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Review: Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

The dream of a fully standalone wearable gadget that can make phone calls and stay connected is a reality now. Smartwatches are getting famous now, these provide an easy and innovative way to utilize the services offered by the smartphones. The technology is spreading its wings leading to the discovery of new innovative gadgets.

Companies like Apple, Sony and Samsung are the new definition of innovation and creativity. This time Samsung has set the market on fire with all new devices of Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. In a very short time, the manufacturer has released a product which can safely fit on the wrist and perform the functions of the phones. Samsung has gone one step ahead through its Gear S Smartwatch by making it stand alone device with its own SIM slot.

The device comes with its own SIM slot and has inbuilt GPS, it is just a watch on your wrist which is a fully fledged phone. The design of the smartwatch is very smart, the AMOLED screen slopes with the curvature that makes it quite attractive. It is a device which will definitely get you noticed with its unique design and its thick strap which is quite comfortable to wear.

Samsung Gear S smartwatch runs on the Tizen software and dedicated gear apps from the rich ecosystem of Google’s Android wear. The device is IP67 rated with the striking feature of water resistance, which means you can get it wet but not fit for shower or swimming.

The Gear S has its own microphones and speakers, vibrates when you get messages or an alarm which can wake you up in the morning. The device is studded with sensors like accelerometer, compass and gyroscope, optical heart rate, ambient light for the brightness of the screen, UV and barometer. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and last but not the least 3G cellular.

The Gear has a 2 inch 480 x 360 pixel AMOLED display, a bigger screen and a larger pixel count as compared to other Android wear smartwatches. It feels like a mini phone in the portrait mode. Samsung’s OLED curvy touch screen makes it a stand out product by offering it a delicate look.

The Gear S has an amazing feature of swiping, two finger pinching and zooming so that you easily see the details of the picture with breathtaking picture quality. Samsung has tried its level best to take care of every minute detail to make sure that emerges to be as a hit in the market. To interact with the apps like Opera Web browser, you can use either QWERTY keyboard or voice recognition.

The device has got 4 GB of memory, 512 MB of RAM and a dual core processor. Gear S weighs about 2.3 ounces, but its display is the most impressive part, simple covers your whole wrist. The price of $169 with so many amazing makes Samsung Gear S Smartwatch is definitely worth a buy if you love explore innovative wearables.

Price: $169



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