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Review: Canon EOS 100D

The Canon EOS 100D is also known as the Digital Rebel SL1 in the North America. It is said to be one of the most smallest and the lightest APS-C DSLR ever made till now. The EOS 100 has made the Canon a more popular and well established company in the market.

People have started to rely more on the Canon products after the launch of the Canon EOS 100D. It is entirely in competition with the Sony, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic. The Canon EOS 100D has really been a great success in the market. The professional photographers have got a more easy way to exhibit their talent in front of everyone.

Well, shrinking the component board is one of the best things done to minimize the size as much as possible. The 18 MP 100-D/ SL1 provides a ‘Hybrid CMOS AF II’ system with the frame coverage of 80%, a metering sensor of 63 zoned, a 3’’ Clearview capacitive LCD touchscreen, 4fps continuous shooting and 9 AF points. The 100 D’S video mode provides a full-fledged manual control over the gain and exposure and offers 1080p full HD recording at 24/25/30 fps.

Despite of having very tiny dimensions of 116.8×90.7×69.4 mm and weight of just 407 g, the camera is very much featured. The screen of the EOS 100D has a screen ratio of 3:2 which is completely identical to that of the sensors. This allows the picture to fit in just so perfectly, thus avoiding the black strips at the top and the bottom. So, you get an absolute perfect shot! Even the multi touch gestures are wonderful.

These include the pinching and swiping for the purpose of changing the settings, tracking the faces, choosing shooting modes and many more. Even for the purpose of clicking a picture in the Live View Mode, this feature is really very helpful. You will also find a vast number of drive modes in the Canon EOS 100D. The single shot, the continuous shooting, the self-timer are few to name.

The advanced technology used in the Canon EOS 100D is clearly visible in every single click you take.

The Canon EOS 100D runs on LP-E12 battery, which conform to CIPA standards. Well, you can click around 350-380 images very easily provided you use the optical viewfinder. Although, you can charge the battery in the LP-E12 charger and reuse the same again. Thus, there is no such problem regarding the use and charging of the battery.

The Canon EOS 100D is worth spending any amount on! This is because the light weight makes it easy to carry anywhere and you can click the best of pictures. The advanced technology has made it popular across every part of the nation and has increased its use in the professional world as well. Thus, the Canon EOS 100D is the best camera till date.

Price: AED 2900 approx.

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