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Review: Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm (for PC) is one of the most efficient combat MOBA genre game which is developed and also published by the Blizzard entertainment group who are famous for developing games of this genre and have produced exciting games in the past.

Though at first, Heroes of the Storm was also compared and thought of the similar kind of the earlier games but this game has set the level high for the MOBA games. The game can be played on devices having Windows or OS X operating systems and this is designed the computers.


This is a multiplayer game where you are playing with other four people as this is based on the five versus five match technique over the online platform. The users can choose amongst the opponent with whom they want to play or against them. There is an array of iconic heroes which you must know are there in the game who are there to fight for you or against you.

In the beginning, you are going to get only six of these heroes for the game of yours and the numbers keeps on increasing while you continue playing the game. The heroes and the characters keeps on changing every week and you can have the access to all these heroes but you can tap your favourite one if you have coins of gold which gives you the power to buy these heroes permanently.

You can also have in-app purchase facilities for owning these heroes. There are different categories of these heroes based on separate objectives and also the numbers of lanes where you are going to fight your enemies are different for these sets of the heroes. The game is based on coordination of the team members and their combating talent, you need to strategize and execute your plans to fight down your enemies in these deadly combating game.

You can start with the Tutorial mode which is designed for the people who are new to this game of action. The users are going to be trained well through the instructions provided in the game in the training mode. Then the ultimate fighting mode is the Versus A.I mode where you face your enemies along with your team of 5.

The heroes and the teams are based upon their performances in the past. You can play either in the league of the heroes or in the Team. In the first one, you are individually going to be rewarded with points and in the later on the team which plays together and earn the points.

You can customize your game and there are lots of tournaments which you can be a part of. This is really a step up for the MOBA genre games as you can build guild of players and plan your moves accordingly against the enemies and select the maps and the places where you want to fight them. If you are one of the action game lovers then this game is surely going to make you excited with all the new techniques and the surprises.

Price: AED 150

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