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Review: Parrot Zik 3

Stunning design, extreme comfort, superb noise cancellation, a plethora of features nd breathtaking sound quality, this is what the Parrot Zik 3 offers. The French drone manufacturer made an excellent decision when it chose to manufacture high end headphones.

The 3rd generation Zik is a product of constant innovation and dedication. The Zik’s streamlined design is one of the best out there. The futuristic design that flaunts a taste of classic looks is visually pleasing. Enough padding is provided to ensure that wearing the Zik 3 is as comfortable as possible. The technology packed inside is not easily visible, but under the surface, innovations are present in abundance.

The ‘presence sensors’ embedded in the padding automatically switch off noise cancellation and music playback as soon as the headphones are removed from the ears. The wireless cans house a touch sensor on the outer side. This system provides you control of basic functions like play/pause, song skip and volume adjustment. It takes a little getting used to, but proves extremely beneficial in the long run.

The cans also contain the six-piece microphone system that can amplify the sounds of the surroundings when ‘street mode’ is turned on. This feature can help you keep a track of what’s going around in the surroundings. The wireless playback runs as long as 7 hours. It is satisfactory, but a craving for little more is expected when everything else is just phenomenal.

The removable battery lies inside the left earpiece. The big deal here is the wireless charging sensor. But, you will need to shell a few extra bucks to get a wireless charger. Other than wireless music playback, you can also utilize the two plug and play options also.

The 3.55mm jack connectivity makes use of the battery whereas the USB connectivity can facilitate music playback without the use of Zik’s battery. The power button is the only physical button on the Zik 3. The base of the right earpiece houses it. The design is futuristic, visually appealing, and in one word, exceptional!

The android/iOs app features a good number of functions. Everything from noise cancellation, DSP, equalizer/audio presets can be accessed. The interface is simple, but will look a little complex on first use. Previous Zik users will find a sense of familiarity in the app.

The noise cancellation offered by Zip 3 is definitely among the top 3 in the industry. The only competition offered is by Bose, and given the industry standards of Bose, the Zik 3 offers an incredibly close competition. The Zik 3 will surely put a smile on the faces of people who love long traveling, as the wireless headphones are literally the definition of comfort. The only slight inconvenience is experienced by wear at the top of the headband.

The Parrot Zik 3 cannot fly, but other than that, it can do everything. The signature sound style is a bit unconventional as your ears feel like a robot’s, but given some time, the strange sensation vanishes. Considering the price, the sound quality is perfect, the noise cancellation is enchanting, and in a nutshell, the Parrot Zik 3 are headphones that will make everyone envious of you.

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