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Review: Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer

Whenever there is any need of a printer, the first name that comes affront is surely canon. It is the company that offers the best portable printers and one such printer is the latest model from it in the form of the Pixma iP110. The camera can be used wireless and through your android or iOS phones too. So, print anything now and from anywhere with a single app installed in your phone.


Slim and sleek design of the latest device is going to give you a perfect picture quality with outstanding finishing touch. The best thing is that you can carry the light weight and easy to handle device anywhere with you. You can connect your phones using the API and get direct prints without any wire. The support can be taken from any digital camera too, if API setup is enabled in that camera. So, you can take print of any official document or a picture, simply anywhere.


Looks of the device is quite fancy and it is slim in look. Thus you will like to take out this smart device in front of your client, take the print and hand it over to him or her instantly. You can even print the documents that are there in Facebook or other cloud storages. The device has the support of integration with the cloud storage. This is making the device the best among all the devices, available among the portable ones.


You can also reduce your black ink consumption, with the smart tool that is available in the apps. There you will get the save black ink option, which when enabled, will save your ink to a great extent. All types of standard papers are accepted in the device and more than that you can get your colour prints as well as the photos printed instantly within 53 seconds.

The device has a battery backup too and it is enabled with cloud storage integration and apple air integration. So print from the internet directly. There is no need of any other tool for the support. So, get to the online stores and find the details of the specifications of this device. Then make the order, keep the device in your side bag and get print anytime anywhere. This is the special support of the device. Avail it for the first time.

For any tech savvy person Canon Pixma iP110 offers a great speed with portable inkjet printer but at a slight slower pace than the previous model which it replaced. Paper handling is done smoothly and it delivers good quality photo print. It holds the ability to get connected directly with laptops or even mobile devices wirelessly.

In terms of pricing, the device is on the higher side. However, if you are looking for a good portable printer then undoubtedly it is one of the strongest contenders in the market.

Price: AED 1110

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