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Review: Epson WorkForce WF-100

WorkForce WF-100 from Epson is the smartest solution for all the computer users, who have to print their documents on the go. The quality of the printer is excellent along with the set up and getup. The device is a light weight one and is quite handy for the users even.

The device has a smart mechanism, too. You will get a complete Wi-Fi support to connect the printer with your PC or laptop. USB cable is also there with the device, which you can use for charging or connecting the same with the PC.


The device has a screen attached with it. There the Wi-Fi settings and other things are to be connected and checked. You can connect the light weight smart device with your iPhone too. So, get prints on the go, with the device in your side bag. The device also has a USB cable support, with which you can charge the printer directly from the board, or from the device, which is connected to it.


The most important thing is the cartridge support. The device is enabled with 2 cartridges. The first one is black and the second one is with 3 colours, yellow, magenta and cyan. Display of the device is in one word excellent. You will get the slim structure along with a LCD screen. In the screen you are going to set the different connections and other things.


The battery of the device is also inbuilt and you can charge them with the USB cable, whether from the PC or from the adapter. The device is able to print all sorts of pages, starting from 3.5×5” till A4 size pages. So, you will not have to carry any other printer with you for printing the invoices or taking an image from your device.

Papers that can be used in printing include general printing page and even the photo printing pages too. So the support that you are going to get is full, but the device you are using is half in size. The device is compatible with different OSes. It can be used with all types of Windows and MAC.

So, access the printer from the PC or laptop and can even connect the same with your iPhone. Take the advantage of the light weight, easy connectivity and then go for the right printing access. Be smart and be technologically updated. The best device will always be with you.

The Epson WorkForce WF-100’s overall compact look and features along with wireless printing chops made this device an ultimate choice for businessman while travelling and looking for the best specification portable inkjet printer. But it cannot be denied that high cost for ink with low yields cartridge along with low paper capacity acted as a setback for the device.

Short life of battery made this device an expensive choice. Available at $200, this device can be good for travelers only looking for urgent prints and not for regular printing needs.

Price: $200 approx.

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