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Sonic Geometry Lists its Gesture-Based MIDI Controller on Kickstarter

Sonic Geometry has introduced its first product, OTO: a geometrically intuitive audiovisual controller, available now on Kickstarter. OTO is a polyhedric, gesture based MIDI controller that lets users “touch the shape of sound”.

Each OTO controller houses an IMU that communicates with a host computer via Bluetooth. The host computer translates the raw physical data into the musicalized output that users experience. MIDI notes, CC data, frequency bands and filter-sweeps: with a system of OTO controllers, anything is possible. According to the company, with OTO, users can play synths, DJ, perform live electronic music, and even control their favorite Digital Audio Workstations such as Ableton and Traktor.


Each set of OTO controllers will ship with a suite of both standalone and DAW-control software, so whether you’re an experienced artist or just an enthusiast, a live musician, a producer, or a DJ, you can use OTO exactly how you want. With OTO, or a system of networked OTO controllers, users can send Midi and OSC, trigger and modulate audiovisual data, control virtual reality, CAD environments, and so on.


The company adds that the current suite of software patches is only the beginning. “We want to build vast, interactive, generative musical topographies, powered by devices that are both invitingly simple, and surprisingly powerful,” said the company. “OTO was born as a Masters’ Thesis Project at Berklee College of Music in 2015, and has been evolving continuously. At last, after extensive prototyping, we are proud to announce that OTO is ready for launch.”


OTO has been featured at Maker Faire Rome 2016 and Sonar + D Festival 2016. Cost has been a major factor in OTO’s creation, as throughout the creative process we have sought to make instruments that are widely accessible, while maintaining quality. After months of analysis and research, Sonic Geometry will now be able to offer OTO at an affordable price point, without compromising the scope of its function.

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