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Pokémon GO Update to Bring New Gen 2 Pokémons

Heads up “Pokémon GO” trainers, Niantic has announced an event for today, that is supposed to bring Generation 2 Pokémons. The hype is real as fans are looking out for a new experience to the game. Significant changes to the game are expected and aside from Gen 2 Pokémons, Shiny Pokémons are also speculated to come out.

These changes will purportedly entice new and old players to keep playing and bring back the uptrend of the game. “Pokémon GO” players can expect from the Gen 2 update at least 100 new Pokémons and 86 new moves. However, the new Pokémons may not feature just yet the Legendaries.

Other than those, in the said update, it is also rumored that PvP battles will finally be added. Leaks of the “Pokémon GO” APK version 0.49.1 were outed just recently, by Silph Road “Pokémon GO” community, and they mention what features may be added.

Official patch notes of the update include but not limited to: Trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at once to Professor Willow. To do so, players need to just press and hold on a Pokémon. Pokémon type will be added to the gym battle approach and gym battle screen. Furthermore, total candy count and total miles walked for Buddy Pokémon will be added to the Buddy information screen.

Recent updates, like the “Pokémon GO” Nearby Tracker, has been renewed with having a smooth gameplay while having the ability to load Pokéstop. Pokémons will also now have genders and avatar customization will also more detailed. If these all features turn out to be added in the game, would it satisfy your cravings? Comment below to share your thoughts on the proposed “Pokémon GO” Gen 2 update.

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