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Cyanogen Shutting Down its Services By the Year’s End

Cyanogen has announced that services and servers related Cyanogen’s nightly builds will cease at the end of this year. Unfortunately that move has affected the open source CyanogenMod project, who later confirmed what many feared the most.

CyanogenMod was also shutting down, due to technical as well as potential legal problems that might follow. Its spirit, however, will live on in a new “grass roots” effort called “Lineage”. While CyanogenMod exists as an independent entity from Cyanogen, the company, Cyanogen has become somewhat tied to CyanogenMod.

This is because Cyanogen provides server infrastructure, especially for nightly builds, and even hiring some of its developers. So when the company announced that it was practically shuttering its development of its CyanogenOS, it was also practically putting a bullet through CyanogenMod’s head.

“The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally,” the brief announcement read, on Cyanogen’s website.

This means owners of devices that run the Cyanogen OS, including the OnePlus One and Lenovo ZUK Z1, won’t get further updates. Hence, the users will have to move over to the open-source CyanogenMod ROM, which isn’t a commercial OS and is run by a community of developers.

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