Jawbone Reportedly Looking to Dump its Wearables Business

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Jawbone Reportedly Looking to Dump its Wearables Business

While Jawbone is refuting reports of it exiting from the wearable tracker market, various news outlets continue to report this rumour. Today we are hearing more murmurs of the company leaving this market. But that’s not where the story ends; they are said to be dipping their toes into new waters.

According to various sources, Jawbone is looking to get into a higher-margin business. More specifically, it is said they want to sell health products within the medical field. The company could be offering devices and services to hospitals, clinics, health providers and the like.

Looking at their history, Jawbone seems to be building a reputation on non-lasting successes. Their speakers and headsets were very popular, but the company was unable to stay very relevant in a quickly evolving audio industry.

They then moved on to wearables, where they found a receptive market, but that also didn’t last long. The brand made for less than 3% in wearable market share back in late 2015, and we doubt that number is getting better, considering no new devices have come from the company.

Meanwhile, Jawbone insists that it is still committed to their brand and product. Perhaps only time will tell. Till then, it’s better we take it all with a grain of salt.