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Kaspersky Lab Says Social Networks Have Helped Improve Romantic Relationships

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, Kaspersky Lab has identified the peculiarities of romantic behavior on social networks. It turns out that users who mostly access the Internet on a Mac desktop stand out for their greater displays of amorousness on social networks.

Relationships begin with an introduction. Here, according to a survey, the owners of Mac computers are the undisputed leaders among users of various devices: 13% of users in the UAE admit they use social networks to find a date. This is twice as many as the average for all respondents in the UAE (8%). The study also noted that Mac users in the country are less likely to reveal their relationship status (29% vs. 16%) on social networking sites.

Also, Mac users are more likely to talk about their romantic activities on social networks, with 34% stating that they would readily do so. The average for this parameter, came to just over 22% in the country. How do social networks affect the personal lives of those who already have a partner?

Over half the respondents in UAE (57%) said their relationships had improved thanks to social networks. Mac users are the happiest in this respect too – with 80% claiming that social media has brought about an improvement in their relationships. This may be due to the fact that Mac users prefer to communicate with their partners via social networks: 52% of them choose this mode of communication with their loved ones, while non Mac users prefer to communicate via instant messaging services.

“We have failed to notice just how virtual activities have started to affect our lives, including relationships with our loved ones. Of course, in some situations, social networks are a real blessing: they allow us to communicate more with people who cannot always be with us physically. But we shouldn’t forget about the risks of this sort of communication: relationships can be spoiled or even destroyed by social networks, so we should be very careful about what we share with friends and how it may affect them,” says Andrey Mochola, Head of Consumer Business at Kaspersky Lab.

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