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Kids’ appetite for online retail sites grows threefold

Compared to this time last year, children are becoming more active adopters of e-commerce sites: their interest in online shopping has more ...[Read More]

Is anxious the new normal?

A new Kaspersky Lab report has shown that Generation Z is the most anxious to date, with the vast majority of young people admitting they ar...[Read More]

Kaspersky creates fusion between fashion and technology

The fusion of fashion and technology is a reminder of the rising influence of technology on design, and in order to literally showcase the c...[Read More]

Half of UAE fail to protect their devices

With half (47%) of people in the UAE still failing to protect their mobile devices, and only 25% using anti-theft solutions, pick pocketers ...[Read More]

Here’s How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Let’s face it. The Internet can be a very dangerous place, especially for kids.

An Android Surveillance Software Has Been Active Since 2014: Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered an advanced mobile implant, active since 2014 and designed for targeted cyber-surveillance, possibl...[Read More]

Kaspersky Lab Says 23% of UAE Children Have Faced Threats Associated with Social Media

Kaspersky Lab, in partnership with Active Education, has embarked on a series of interactive cybersecurity performances at selected schools ...[Read More]

People Don’t Appreciate the Value of Data, Until it’s Lost: Kaspersky Lab

The old adage ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone’ seems more relevant than ever for the digital age, with new research by Kasper...[Read More]

People in UAE will Delete Photos on Their Phones for AED 43: Kaspersky

While people claim to value their memories more than any other form of data stored on their digital devices, they are happy to sell them for...[Read More]

Android Malware With Device Control Abilities Appears on Google Play

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered an unusual new Trojan being distributed through the Google Play Store. The Dvmap Trojan is capable not...[Read More]

Majority of UAE Residents Share Personal Information Online, Says Kaspersky Lab

Sharing information or photos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has become second nature for many. But a research from K...[Read More]

Parents Feel They Can’t Control Their Kids’ Online Activities

Kaspersky Lab has complemented its solution to protect children against digital threats with new features for iOS and Android platforms. Now...[Read More]