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Now Install Windows 10 With Your Voice Using Microsoft’s Cortana

With the new Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is making some important changes to the way you set up Windows 10 on your PC. Over a few decades, Windows installation has gradually been getting simpler. However, with this new update, Microsoft brings Cortana assistant into the setup process. From now on, you can sit back and configure a PC using your voice.

If you have a new PC with the Windows 10 Creators Update preinstalled, you’ll be greeted by Cortana at the beginning of the installation process. With the help of Microsoft’s digital assistant, you can connect your PC to your Wi-Fi. Besides, you can tell windows to choose keyboard option, as well as log into your Microsoft account with little to no typing.

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However, if you have a complex configuration, this feature will be of limited use. Your voice cannot dictate every option. For instance, if you want to handle the new privacy settings, you must use a mouse or a keyboard as this process involves multiple sliders and a good deal of explanation text.

Albeit optional, using Cortana assistant to setup Windows is a significant step toward simplifying computers. Installing Windows could be a little less intimidating to the less technically savvy. Instead of sitting in front of your computer during the entire setup process, you can at least take a break for some time and stroll across the room while attaining some important tasks.

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