Pill Bug Interactive Launches in the UK

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Pill Bug Interactive is a games development studio based in South Wales, UK.  The studio was formed by Sean Walton to bring his god game, Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox, to Steam. The studio aims to create games which appear simple on the outside and hide a deep complexity within.

Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox is a god game with fully simulated genetics and evolution.  Inspired by PC god and simulation games from the 90s, the game tasks you with creating a stable ecosystem on a barren world.  As your ecosystem develops you will build research stations to study your creatures. Research allows you to unlock genetic engineering abilities, which can lead to some really weird and unexpected results.

Great power comes with great responsibility however, since when you start tampering with genetics it is hard to undo your mistakes. Currently available in early access on itch.io, Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox will be making its way to Steam in Spring/Summer 2017.  To celebrate the launch of Pill Bug Interactive, Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox is 50% off until April 17, 2017.