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BenQ Launches ZOWIE XL2546 PC e-Sports Monitor and Celeritas II Keyboard

BenQ Middle East has launched the ZOWIE XL2546 e-sport monitor with Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) and Celeritas II Keyboard.

The launch event was attended by top gamers from across the Middle East region.

Team RVN and Team NASR. (ex-team Risky) battled against each other at a friendly show match.

Gamers got a chance to experience first-hand arcade feel with BenQ ZOWIE eSport range.

With added technology of DyAC, the new XL2546 provides increased movement clarity in-game with the same improved smoothness that was introduced in the XL2540.

Furthermore, it provides actions with vigorous screen movement, such as spraying of weapons will benefit most from DyAc as being able to see more clearly can help with recoil control.

Another highlight of XL2546, is its native 240Hz refresh rate that can be fully activated when the computer generates over 240 frames per second(FPS) to deliver a whole new effortless in-game experience.

BenQ ZOWIE’s latest offering Celeritas II is power packed with specs such as – a high-quality iron spring that allows for each keystroke to be executed with a consistent increase in force throughout the game and an improvised durability to meet the standards required for e-Sports.

To avoid double key presses, the keyboard consists of optical switches.

It also has illuminated keys that come with brightness levels that can be adjusted or turned off completely for a perfect, comfortable keyboard experience.

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