MediaTek to Show Off its Latest Smartphone and Smart Home Tech at GITEX 2017

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MediaTek to Show Off its Latest Smartphone and Smart Home Tech at GITEX 2017

MediaTek is returning to GITEX Technology Week 2017 along with key global and regional partners to showcase an array of Smartphone and Smart Home technologies.

This year MediaTek will demonstrate some of the underlying technologies that are powering smart devices near you, focusing on Smartphone and Smart Home:

  • MiraVision – 4K HDR Video Playback (Display HDR) : MiraVision brings native support for the 4K HDR10 standard to smartphones, offering a never-seen-before quality and true-to-life viewing experience. It uses an intelligent remapping of the dynamic range to provide the best viewing experience on a smartphone, making the most out of the 4K HDR10 content to match the displays maximum capability.
  • Imagiq ISP – Dual Camera: MediaTek’s Imagiq processing for dual cameras has automatic, premium features built in, such as optical zoom, real-time depth of field & depth estimation, and color and mono denoise image capturing.
  • Smart Home Showcase: Using highly integrated & extreme low-power solutions for short and medium range connectivity around the home, MediaTek SOC products include diverse peripherals and interface support, with advanced Cortex-M processors and custom designed power management units to provide industry leading IoT connectivity solutions to our brand partners. The demo will use hardware from a number of customers including Amazon, IRIS, and Vizio.