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Review: Whirlpool FSCR10422 Washer

Whirlpool combines art and zen with its new FSCR10422 front loading washer. This premium appliance boasts efficiency that’s some 60 percent better than A+++ rating, a huge 10kg capacity, and what Whirlpool claims to be the quietest spin on the market. This is because the motor is connected directly to the drum, resulting in minimum vibration and lesser noise.

The Whirlpool FSCR10422 Washer is designed to keep the colours of your clothes in spectacular condition. The washer features the company’s Colors 15 Option and Special 6TH Sense Programs that prevent colours from fading, thus protecting your fabrics.

Whirlpool’s 6th Sense colours technology optimises the washing performance for a specific colour set, regardless of the fabric type. It is particularly ideal for efficient and effective cleaning. The washer adapts resources to each load providing maximum care of your colours while saving up to 70 percent on energy, water and time.

The washer’s detergent dosing system also assists in suggesting exactly how much detergent to use, reducing waste and saving your money. The FSCR10422 is part of the company’s top-spec Supreme Care series. Thus, this machine packs in sensor load detection, water-jet washing, a gentle wave-motion drum, and a tumbling cycle once the wash is complete to keep it from stagnating.

The washer’s PrecisionDose lets you optimise rinse performance by using the smallest amount of detergent, as mentioned before. With this tech, Whirlpool claims that you can save up to 12 litres of detergent with automatic dosage and will always have the right dose for the optimal washing of your most delicate garments.

The huge 10kg load capacity is treated to Whirlpool’s 6th Sense suite of technologies, which adapt water and energy use to the size and type of load. If you stick in a half load, it will automatically set to half load accordingly. Your wash is also jetted with water to loosen dirt, and Whirlpool’s intelligent drum-motion technology changes the spin, rock and tumble patterns to suit the clothing material type selected.

At the end of the cycle, the machine will gently tumble your clothes after the finish, known as FreshCare. This means that washed clothes won’t be sitting around crumpled and damp in the drum for hours if you’re unable to remove them straight away.

We tested the washer at one of Whirlpool’s partner showrooms. I have to say that the washer is definitely one of the quietest we have seen on the market. The FSCR10422 is an awesome piece of technology, boasting very good energy efficiency and being the quietest washing machine we’ve ever tested.

It also comes with a comprehensive array of programmes and options, and is very easy to use, too. If you want a washing machine that allows you to take a power-nap right beside it, while it’s doing your laundry, look no further than the Whirlpool FSCR10422.

Price: AED 3199 approx.

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