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Slovenian Tourist Board Lists Top Wellness Tips and Guides

As part of Slovenian traditions, health resorts have always been connected with the preservation and restoration of health. In the last few decades, the placement in the environment, natural factors and modern professional approach have also made them places for self-discovery.

Wellness with pampering, relaxation and treatment programmes are supplemented by selfness programmes – selfness is a lifestyle which puts physical and mental health, and good energy at the centre. Relax with wellness experiences, invigorate yourself with selfness discoveries. Slovenian Tourist Board has listed down top wellness tips and guides that you should experience for a total rejuvenation and relaxation to welcome the new year.

Wellness. Healthy pampering.
In all Slovenian health resorts, romantic or beauty pampering, simple relaxation or the restoration and preservation of well-being with massages, baths, and saunas can be marked by special stories.

Selfness. Life as an individual.
We inflict most diseases upon ourselves – with the imbalance of the body and spirit. Therefore, Slovenian health resorts and spas have carefully developed programmes and experiences which redirect us back to ourselves. Learn how to manage stress, learn about self-healing techniques, relax.

Special massage and bath features
Massages, therapies, baths, and pampering include specific local elements, such as honey, forest berries, beer, sea algae, chocolate, herbs with healing properties, and wild flowers. Experienced massage therapists are masters of age-old techniques and approaches originating in faraway lands. In addition to individual baths, romantic baths for couples are also available.

All types of saunas
Specially arranged sauna facilities offer a range of different options, from the renowned Finnish sauna to the Turkish steambath or an infra-red sauna. Salt, crystal, Indian, Roman and colour therapy saunas and biosaunas and laconiums are surprising. Don’t miss the special programmes offered in saunas either!

Rituals and special experiences
Slovenian spas offer a number of forms of pampering for your well-being – the ritual of spinning air in saunas, the sounds of Tibetan bowls during massages, or the Asian herbal ball compress massages.

Relaxation in a green environment
The most beautiful green areas of Slovenian spas and health resorts are often a great location for relaxation exercises, such as a very special laughter yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises on the seashore, barefoot walks on sensory trails and energy points.

A comprehensive approach to self
Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and other age-old approaches to massages, peeling treatments, and exercise in nature are integrated into the services of all Slovenian health resorts. Furthermore, they also include meditation, detox, and exercise programmes. A healthy approach to self can also be found in schools dealing with a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and fasting.

Physical activities in nature
Activities in nature, so typical for all of Slovenia, are included in various programmes at health resorts and spas. In many spas, you can hire poles for Nordic walking and learn how to do this activity on special trails with an instructor. You can also hire a bike and outdoor facilities for various activities that are available in the vicinity. Seven health resorts are in the vicinity of golf courses.

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