Sport In Life launches Polar Loop in the UAE

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Sport In Life launches Polar Loop in the UAE

Sport In Life has launched the new Polar Loop to the region; a stylish activity tracker in the form of a smart bracelet which tracks daily activity and exercise levels. Polar Loop, together with a free online service and app, then uses this information to suggest how to make small changes in daily lifestyle in order to improve health and well being.

Created for people looking for a more active and balanced lifestyle, Polar Loop has a stylish design so you can wear it 24 hours a day. Polar Loop is the only activity tracker that:

  • Accurately tracks five different levels of activity, so that it can distinguish between, say, gentle walking and running.
  • Provides guidance on how to complete your day’s activity target. You can see, for example, whether to run for 30 minutes, walk for 60 minutes, or spend a few hours cleaning or cooking to reach your goal. This guidance updates during the day.
  • Alerts users, through a friendly message on their phone, when they have been sitting down for too long. One recent scientific study showed that people who do not watch any television can expect to live about five years longer than those who watch six hours per day.
  • Intelligently measures your activity, taking account of your gender and age. Only Polar Loop accurately measures all this physical activity and compares it with globally recognised physical activity guidelines from the World Health Organization.
  • Provides daily, weekly and monthly views of activity levels at the different levels of intensity in the free online service and app. These include useful guidance on how to become healthier, look and feel better, sharpen mental alertness and reduce long-term risks of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and cancer. This guidance is based on Polar’s unique physiological expertise built up through almost 40 years combining science and technology.
  • Allows users to add heart rate information when working out, for a complete view of both daily activity as well as any exercise. Polar Loop is the first product to combine activity monitoring with heart rate, by adding an optional heart rate sensor.
  • Uniquely, Polar Loop can go with you everywhere – work, at the beach, in bed and even in the swimming pool.

Polar Loop is not just a smart activity tracker, it is also highly stylish. Available initially in a discreet black colour, it features an elegant red LED display set into a rubberized wristband with a stainless steel buckle. The display shows information about your activity goal, what you need to do to achieve it, calories, steps and the time of day at the touch of a button. The bracelet can be easily modified by the user for a comfortable and personal fit.

If you want to add more intense workouts, you can connect Polar Loop with Polar’s H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors. Polar Loop is just one part of a larger Smart Coaching system designed to guide and motivate you towards a more active lifestyle.

A smart web service, Polar Flow ( is also available to provide daily, weekly and monthly summaries of your activity. Polar Flow gives smart guidance on how you can improve your long-term health levels by making small changes in daily activity. The app is available on iPhone devices and will be available on Android devices in the coming months.

”Polar Loop is the smart, stylish activity bracelet that finally does what everyone else has tried to do. It is unique in measuring even the lightest of activity, guiding you in reaching your goals and working with you wherever you go, even in the swimming pool, said Marco Suvilaakso, Group Product Director at Polar.” Polar Loop comes with all the smart insights you’d expect from Polar and underlines the importance of every movement you make in your everyday life.”

Polar Loop retails at AED 480.