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Grab These Paid iOS Apps for Free

Every once in a while, paid apps listed on the App Store are made available for free. We have scoured the App Store for paid apps that are available for free right now, so you don’t have to. Well, then! Read on and head over to the App Store to download these apps for free right away.

We are not sure how long these apps will be available for free. So, the faster you head out to the App Store, the better.

Magnifying Glass HD & Torch

Price Before: $1.99
Price Now: FREE
Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magnifying-glass-hd-torch/id891798503

Best Magnifying Glass money can buy. Comes with view finder to locate the object precisely. Image stabilised and HD quality.


Price Before: $1.99
Price Now: FREE
Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/visucaller/id831046475

VisuCaller scans and calls printed phone numbers. It can also scan contact information which can be saved to your device’s contacts or an app list. Simply move the viewfinder over information and once scanned it appears in the list. The ability to scan individual lines allows contact information to be gathered from anywhere, not just what fits on a business card. It also means it will work for text that is large or small. Very small text can be scanned using the zoom support.

Note that this app uses OCR technology and only works with printed English text (not handwritten text) and cannot guarantee information is always scanned without errors. If the printed text is clear, characters are not touching or overlapping, it will very often detect correctly.

8bitWar: Apokalyps

Price Before: $2.99
Price Now: FREE
Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/8bitwar-apokalyps/id937788787?mt=8

8bitWar puts your strategical and tactical thinking to the test. Hire units and place them in strategic formations to counter the enemy army. A total of 180 levels, play against a friend on the same device or online.

Space Story: Alliance

Price Before: $4.99
Price Now: FREE
Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/space-story-alliance/id733878761

You are in the hands of the mad “creator”, who brings down the waves of enemies at you. Marauders with the legendary Star Bird, DeepWalkers with fantastic Cruiser Phantom and mysterious Black Dogs, leading by the Dark Moon.

Space RPG-slash-adventure game in planet defense genre in the world of game “Space Story”. More than 20 ships, three huge TITANs, more than 100 different weapons, anomalies, asteroid fields. The world you may discover and must protect.

Improve your ship, buy or craft from blueprint new one, level weapons and equipments, improving rpg-skills, gettings new military ranks, and, of course, SWPs (stationary weapon points) and Lures. Choose any tactic of improvement you want to protect the planet. Call for support squadrons if needed.

Camera Magical

Price Before: $0.99
Price Now: FREE
Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camera-magical/id1289047320

New features, features filters, all kinds of effects everything. Ultra-30 models of filters, not only the color filter and deformation of the filter, so you promoted the photo of people, have their own characteristics of the photo. Refuse mediocre, give you a little bit of the color of the photo it.

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