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Tajawal Celebrates Second Anniversary

tajawal, the fastest growing online travel platform in the Middle East, is celebrating its second anniversary milestones. The company has released specific data on Middle East travel trends, which have been collated since the website launched in January 2016.

Part of the Strategic Online Business Unit of Saudi travel giant Al Tayyar Group, tajawal caters to the discerning needs of travellers to and from the region, by offering competitively priced flights from over 450 airlines and accommodation at over 1 million hotels worldwide, all at a click of a button.

More than 660,000 people have enjoyed travel arrangements through tajawal.com in the last 24 months, with 35% of bookings coming from the platform’s mobile application. Available for free on the App & Google Play Store, the tajawal app, which makes accessing thousands of flights and hotels around the globe a super smooth process, has been downloaded more than one million times.

Tajawal has a clear focus on travellers booking from within the Middle East, with dedicated offers, products and services for a predominantly Arab audience, and tailored website domains for the UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Trends show that the majority of users chose to travel within the region, rather than further afield, be it for business, leisure of to visit their home country, as the most booked destinations in order are Dubai, Jeddah, Cairo and Riyadh. Over 30,000 people even opted for a staycation in their local country.

Other insights however show, that the region is also venturing out to explore new, exciting destinations beyond the Middle Eastern borders, with a total of more than 80,000 hotel bookings across 1,177 cities globally. Additionally, tajawal travellers bought tickets to 1,038 destinations worldwide and filled up 542,249 seats on flights.

Commenting on the two-year anniversary, Founder and CEO Muhammad Chbib said: “Tajawal’s success and exponential growth to become one of the key players in the Middle Eastern online travelsphere, is a result of hard work and dedication to create a web & mobile travel offering that resonates with its audience. Our aim for 2018 is to offer our customers an even more convenient booking experience, with additional products and services that will redefine the way people in the Middle East travel.”

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