Shure’s BT2 is available for sale at Sole DXB

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Shure’s BT2 is available for sale at Sole DXB

Shure is set to unveil its new BT2 High-Resolution Bluetooth 5 Earphone Communication Cable at UAE’s dynamic hybrid streetwear festival, Sole DXB. The earphones promise music lovers the best wireless audio experience to date. 

Building on the success of Shure’s innovative line of detachable SE Sound Isolating Earphones, the new Bluetooth communication accessory provides a high-fidelity Bluetooth option for discerning listeners seeking a premium wireless solution. The new communication cable is the next generation in Shure’s foray into Bluetooth connectivity, following the introduction of the Company’s wireless earphone accessory last year.

Designed for mobile listening, the new wireless product delivers an audio experience to match today’s high-resolution audio players, providing even the most discerning sound aficionados the convenience and portability of wireless without sacrificing quality. Featuring a dedicated, high-performance headphone amplifier, the earphone accessory provides lower noise and distortion while accurately maintaining frequency response, and also supports popular audio codecs, including Qualcomm aptX audio, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, AAC, and SBC.

“We are thrilled to launch our High-Resolution Bluetooth 5 Earphone Communication Cable in the UAE where earphones are increasingly becoming a popular sight amongst all age groups. We strive to provide outstanding portable listening technology which we are committed to improving, both from a hardware and software standpoint as technology continues to evolve” said Sean Sullivan, Senior Manager of Global Product Management at Shure.

“The circuitry in the new high-resolution Bluetooth communication cable features premium Bluetooth codec support for higher resolution wireless transfer and a high performance headphone amplifier to accurately and efficiently drive any of our Sound Isolating earphones. Our goal is to provide our users in the UAE with the best possible listening experience, and this product will help achieve that goal.”

Featuring an in-line remote and mic control, the new high-resolution communication cable leverages Bluetooth 5, the latest version of the wireless communication standard. Retaining a wireless range of up to 30 feet, its battery capacity provides up to 10 hours of play time with up to 350 hours of standby time. Available for AED 639, the cable is currently available for purchase at

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