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BenQ launches Smart Projector and DuoBoard designed for Smart Workplace

BenQ showcased a new series of display products including a Smart Projector and DuoBoard Interactive Flat Panel at “More Than Connection” launch event that was hosted in Dubai and during the event the key guest speaker from GEMS Education, Shabeer Mohammed, Vice President and Group Head of Technology Services, touched based on the Evolution of Classroom Technology and Vision of Future Classrooms.

The new range of display products aim to meet multiple needs of workstyle reform for better teamwork efficiency, collaboration and productivity. One of the key highlights of the event was BenQ’s Education Display solutions for smart campuses. The new powerful and integrated solutions from BenQ commit to facilitate creative and logical thinking and overall development of student’s problem-solving abilities.

The new Smart Projectors and IFP. X-Sign Broadcast also allows IT personnel to simultaneously and remotely broadcast school news through Smart Projectors and IFPs, while DMS enables managing multiple displays via a local network or on the cloud. It also enables the teachers to access their personalized teaching materials using AMS on the cloud and allows students to discuss, annotate and collaborate on the same screen whether in the same classrooms or remotely on multiple ClassroomCare Interactive Flat Panels saving precious time for both.

“We are glad to introduce our new range of display solutions further strengthening our position in the Middle-East as industry leader in display solutions. We are proud and happy to retain the Number 1 spot for the sale of IFPs in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East in Q1 2019 and reaching over 7,000 units of their Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) sold in the Middle East region” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East & Turkey.

“As the workplace is transforming into a more agile, connected and flexible environment with the BYOD trend, there is a growing need for smart and innovative solutions in the corporate world”, further elaborated by Jeffrey Liang, President, BenQ Corporation Asia Pacific.

The range of smart projectors from BenQ for Instant Wireless Presentation feature a powerful built-in operating system with useful business apps, enabling wireless mirroring across multiple platforms, video conferencing, collaboration, and direct reading of files from USB drives to maximize meeting efficiency in the BYOD trend. Smart Projector series offers users to choose from Standard Throw options with BenQ’s EH600, EW600 and EX600 and Short throw options with EX800ST and EW800ST. Smart Projector Series offer Full HD, WXGA to XGA resolutions and easier management with Account Management System (AMS), Device Management Solution (DMS), and X-Sign Broadcast that can deliver instant messages into the projection screens. To summarize, the new range of Smart Projectors are designed to make sharing of ideas Bigger, Smarter & Effort-Less with its Wire-Less, PC-Less & Driver-Less Capabilities.

BenQ also announced the new generation DuoBoard Corporate Interactive Flat Panel (CP6501K/CP8601K) with best-in-class tools for interactive meetings and packs 4K resolution. DuoBoards combine the ability to opening two apps simultaneously with Duo Windows Function and seamless switching between Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS for swift collaboration with most advanced Duo OS. Available in 65” and 86”, Duo Boards function enables the users to double up the collaboration space buy combining two panels side by side and come packed with FHD Camera and Array Mic for seamless video conferencing. EzWrite and intuitive and most advance P-Cap touch technology enables accurate, precise touch responses on the screen for handwriting. It also features InstaShare wireless mirroring app, open-platform software compatibility, smart eye-care solution, and hassle-free maintenance.

Another highlight of the event was the World’s First Pantone Validated Smart Signage Series 65” SL6502K, which boasts of 4K2K UHD clarity and on-screen color fidelity that matches interoperability with Pantone-qualified color production devices. This ensures absolute precision and consistency from design to in-store deployment and broadcast via digital signage for retailers, fashion trendsetters, product brands and design studios who trust the Pantone system to deliver accurate color production.

SL6502K also offers additional color adjustment flexibility with exclusive Cinema, Photo, and M-Book modes. Fine-tuned to accentuate spellbinding motion video, vibrant still images, and precision design work, these custom modes help to create impactful content and deliver engaging interactions.

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