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MSI to unveil the Creator 17 laptop at CES

MSI is all set to unveil its latest laptop, The Creator 17 at CES. The Creator 17 is the world’s very first laptop to come with new revolutionary technology, the Mini LED display, which can provide top-notch, true-to-life color accuracy and visual entertainment experience for all creative souls.

The Creator 17’s 17-inch display boasts a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and Mini LED backlighting. This technology enables 240 zones of local dimming control, delivering the vibrant visuals with the brightest whites and deepest blacks with sharper, more detailed imagery.

The Creator 17 Mini LED display is so far the only laptop panel which can reach the high dynamic range (HDR) 1000 standard and achieve white luminance of 1000 nits. It’s at least twice as bright than its counterparts, regular LED or OLED screens. The new laptop features a 4K high resolution for a more realistic viewing experience and a wide color gamut of 100% DCI-P3 to present close-to-real color accuracy. An additional thoughtful feature for creators is that the Creator 17 supports both DCI-P3 & Display P3 color space, giving users maximized flexibility for a variety of scenarios while presenting their artwork.ts

The MSI Creator 17’s Mini LED display has the benefit of power efficiency, greater thinness and light-emitting efficiency. Apart from the extraordinary Mini LED display, MSI’s snazzy, slim, yet powerful Creator 17 delivers the latest in CPU and GPU processing power while providing full laptop ports which include the first Type-C port to support outputting 8K image to an external display. The Creator 17 is also outfitted with the world’s fastest UHS-III SD card reader with a speed of up to 624 MB per second.

Moreover, the Thunderbolt port can support up to 27W(9V/3A) current output for mobile charging for on-the-go users. All these features will provide a smooth workflow for professional creators and enable them to create and share splendid moments. The cutting-edge and pioneering innovations of the Creator 17 will make a grand debut at this year’s CES for MSI to demonstrate the ability to be always one-step ahead of the industry.

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