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Snapchat announces 40 new shows for Ramadan

Snapchatters can access exciting new content this Ramadan, with exclusive new shows from Snapchat’s Discover partners available through the app. With 40 new Snapchat Shows curated in partnership with Broadcasters, Digital Natives and Creators in MENA.

Discover partners create a variety of shows such as Ramez Majnoon Rasmi from MBC, in which Egyptian star Ramez Galal returns with a more thrilling and suspenseful edition to his famous Ramadan hit show; Make it Saudi from Webedia Arabia’s Atyab Tabkha, a show that follows a young Saudi couple with a passion for fusing and creating new dishes out of popular Saudi food; La Tgoolha from Saudi Broadcasting Authority, a show in which the broadcaster interviews the contestants in the parks and markets and asks them to bring certain items from the shops without telling the name of the purpose; Fatafeat from Discovery Networks MENA, the largest food brand in the Arab world featuring delicious recipes; and Tikriyat Tash from Saudi Broadcasting Authority, a show that brings back one of Ramadan’s biggest ever shows, Tash ma Tash Content focuses on topics

Mofeed Alnowaisir, Chief Digital Officer – MBC Group said “Our goal is to create digital experiences that inspire passion in the audiences and engage with our content. Snapchat’s Discover feature provides a solid platform for us to deliver a variety of creative and entertaining content that reflects what is relevant in people’s lives today and what our audiences in the region are mostly passionate about. We are doubling down our content offering on Snapchat this Ramadan to provide a host of shows that deliver highly interactive, thought-provoking and entertaining experiences.”

Ahmad Nada, Managing Director of UTURN Entertainment said “Our goal is to leverage our learnings from our 2.1 Million followers on UTURN Snapchat channel by creating hyper-local content to entertain and inspire the Saudi audience during Ramadan. For that reason, UTURN created ‘What Grinds my Gears’ a show that highlights the relatable frustrations Saudis and Arabs are going through in a comedic way. ATYAB TABKHA also created ‘Make it Saudi‘ and ‘Clueless in the Kitchen’ shows which will provide entertainment and cooking tips to spice up traditional dishes which we are very excited about.”

Rami Saad, Head of International Content Partnerships at Snap, said “It’s fair to say this is going to be a special Ramadan for everyone observing the month. It’s our responsibility to inform and entertain Snapchatters and we have a whole slate of exclusive and new Shows from incredible partners who put the community and their mission first to make this possible. I’m inspired by the dedication we have seen from everyone and I can’t wait for this slate to go live.

To view Discover shows, swipe right on the Snapchat app, search for the show you want to watch and subscribe.

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