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Express more, Create more with Likee’s in-app features

The online short videos platform has brought opportunities for millions across the region to showcase their creativity, engage with like-minded people, and, in many cases, even kick-start a new, successful career as a broadcaster.

Video is quickly emerging as the most preferred interaction medium among all demographics, and instant creation and broadcasting capabilities significantly add to the positive user experience. Likee has democratized access to excellent production quality, without requiring professional guidance and systems.

The spokesperson at Likee’s parent company, BIGO Technology said, “Likee is committed to empowering its users to be the best broadcasters they can be through a leading range of technical and entertaining features, in order to bring the best out of every piece of unique content. We have seen millions worldwide flock to Likee for the ease and creativity of its capabilities, and are proud to be at the forefront of the content revolution in online short videos platform.”

The capabilities within Likee include basic features such as photo templates and background editing, as well as more advanced features such as video templates that can change facial expressions, a special effects lens filter, and an AI lens filter that will learn the user’s preference over time. This enables users to grow their skill-sets by becoming familiar with the various features available. The app also learns over time, as the AI capabilities start to offer up edits and actions based on previous usage.

With features such as the Face Magic, Photo Video, and Makeup, users are no longer limited to the video as it was shot. From expressions, emotions, appearance, backgrounds, and even setting, everything is now editable. Effectively, there are no limits to creativity, as users can continuously revisit their content and edit and update. One piece of content can also form the basis for numerous engaging posts.

Apart from these in-app features, Likee also brings in special backgrounds, scenes, and effects periodically. These are tied to current hot-topics or popular movies, bringing users the opportunity to explore and express their creativity even further.

There is no limit to creativity, and there is no limit to Likee’s ability to showcase, enhance, and celebrate this. Likee users just need to bring the idea – the tools, features, and audiences are ready!

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