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Apple iPhone 13 rumored to arrive with 1TB of storage, could also feature 8K video recording

Apple iPhone 12 series

With smartphones now capable of 4K video recording and playing high graphical games, most manufacturers including Apple sells their iPhones up to 512GB storage capacities. While 512GB of storage may be a lot for most consumers, half a terabyte of internal memory may not be enough when you start using ultra-high resolution video recording at high framerates.

Fresh rumors suggest that Apple plans to release the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 with a 1TB storage option. The new leaks come from Jon Prosser. There are rumors also floating around that Apple plans to introduce 8K video recording capability. The 8K video recording is said to be captured in stabilized footage and the framerate could be at 30fps or 45fps. Apple’s recently announced iPhone 12 and Pro models are already capable of 4K videos at 60fps. With 8K video recording capability already making its way on many devices and with 8K televisions already on the market, it’s no surprise that Apple plans to join the 8K club.

The rumors also indicate that the 8K video recording is done with an anamorphic lens and this feature could make its way to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max model. However, there isn’t any word if the new 8K video recording capability would feature on the rest of the iPhone 13 models. With 8K video recording on the horizon, and since Apple iPhones do not actually have any form of expandable storage, having a 1TB iPhone 13 is the way to go. On the contrary, Samsung and ASUS have already introduced 1TB smartphones.


On a smartphone like the Galaxy S20 that is already capable of 8K video recording, one minute of 8K footage at 30fps can consume 600MB of storage space. While Samsung smartphones come with a 5-minute recording limit for 8K videos, there isn’t any indication if the 2021 iPhone 13 smartphones would also come with a time limit. We still have one year to go until Apple releases the iPhone 13 series.


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