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Huawei rolls out EMUI 11 update for MatePad Pro users

The EMUI 11 update has begun to roll out for the HUAWEI MatePad Pro users, offering a new and refreshing experience. EMUI 11 adopts multiple human factor-based approaches to its interaction design. With the update, HUAWEI MatePad Pro is now more fluid as it’s able to improve users’ productivity with new features that will enhance creativity on-the-go.

The EMUI 11 update introduces an updated version of the Multi-screen Collaboration feature. It now goes far beyond just simply mirroring the mobile phone screen to a tablet. Not only does it support a full-screen mirroring on the tablet for mobile apps, but also allow users to operate other apps on their phone simultaneously without interrupting the mirrored display on the tablet.

Tablets are often used in landscape mode – so the display is like that of a PC – where users can use the peripherals like keyboards to improve work efficiency and get into a focused state more easily. Therefore, the industry needs to launch corresponding optimisations for tablets, aiming specifically at their landscape orientation.

For instance, to optimize the app experience on landscape orientations and to enhance the split-screen experience for various apps. At the same time, it is also essential to consider the interconnection between various devices and the way of gathering data from different screens, so as to ensure a smooth operation across distinct devices within the same ecosystem.

If you are editing a document or compiling a table at home, you might need to constantly refer to other supporting data. This would require you to toggle between different files resulting in a rather inconvenient experience, a pain point that the Multi-window feature serves to tackle. With the EMUI 11 update, HUAWEI MatePad Pro can now support up to four apps at once on a single screen, together with the new App Bubble to group all the inactive apps, to realize swift navigation and multitasking experience between multiple apps.

In a nutshell, Huawei has been improving its tablet experience in landscape orientation via continuous improvements on its Multi-screen Collaboration and Multi-window features. With the emphasis on user efficiency and experience of tablets, Huawei continues to work on enhancing the landscape system performance for this productivity tool.

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