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Samsung’s latest One UI 3 firmware update for Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ delivers an enhanced user experience in the UAE

Samsung Gulf Electronics has officially announced details of an exciting new upgrade and offering for the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+. The brand’s innovative tablets are set to bring even more satisfaction to users across the UAE through an enhanced look and more streamlined Galaxy Ecosystem experience. The latest One UI 3 software update will empower consumers to do even more with their devices, elevating connectivity interactions with other devices to greater heights. Furthermore, both tablets are now available in a new and elegant navy color to compliment personal style and boost overall appeal. The new features are sure to deliver additional value to Galaxy fans, completing the ongoing journey with the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+.

Osman Albora, Senior Director – Mobile Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “Broadening the horizons of Galaxy lovers – constantly empowering them with the newest available features and technology – is an enduring commitment behind our long-term success. As such, we have always been keen to do this at every opportunity and today’s announcement represents the latest step as part of these efforts. The Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ have been a revelation in the tech world, converging home, work, and play to redefine what’s possible in all three verticals. Now, experiences in every instance will be even better. The One UI 3 update will bring another dimension to tablet interactions, and the new color will please those looking for even more color options to bolster lifestyle preferences.”

Seamless sharing across your devices

You can now move across devices more seamlessly than ever before – for instance, between your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ and Galaxy S21 – as you can easily copy text or images on your smartphone and instantly paste the content onto your Tab S7 or S7+ – and vice versa. You can also enjoy uninterrupted continuation of your Samsung Internet browsing and faster auto-sync of Samsung Notes across connected devices. This helps when you are browsing on your Galaxy S21, and you want to continue what you are doing on a bigger display. After browsing a webpage on your Galaxy S21 device, click the ‘Recents’ button on your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+. With a simple tap of the Samsung Internet icon on the menu’s bottom right, your most recently accessed page will load.

Greater productivity with a second screen

Sometimes when working or creating remotely, two screens are better than one. In order to easily extend your screen space, you can harness the Second screen feature to connect your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ with your laptop through a range of different modes. Extend mode lets you connect to your Windows PC and work across two different apps on each screen, while Duplicated mode lets you share the apps or documents you have open on your tablet directly to your laptop screen and instantly save any changes straight to your laptop.

Enjoy your streamlines Galaxy Ecosystem

In order to provide a more convenient keyboard experience across devices, you can now take advantage of the Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature, which allows you to connect your Book Cover Keyboard to your smartphone as well as your tablet device and effortlessly switch between the two. You can also harness the Keyboard’s touchpad to control and manage your smartphone with the cursor as you would your tablet.

Earphone users will also know the inconvenience of having to manually disconnect and reconnect their earphones when switching devices. This is where the Auto Switch functionality comes in, which allows you to enjoy media on your Galaxy Buds Pro across devices much quicker by automatically switching connections. For example, if you get a call while you’re watching YouTube on your Tab S7 or S7+, your Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically switch to your smartphone. You can answer the call by tapping the Buds once or pressing the “Call” button on your smartphone.

The LTE version of the Galaxy Tab S7 will be available on March 26th for purchase across Samsung brand shops & e-store as well as major retailers in the UAE. The Tab S7 LTE 128GB is priced at AED 2,999 while the Tab S7 Wi-Fi 128 GB and Tab S7+ Wi-Fi 256 GB are AED 2,699 and AED 3,599, respectively.

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