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Review: Hisense L5 Series 100-inch 4K Laser TV

While Hisense is already known for offering great value-added 4K HDR televisions at affordable prices, the company has introduced a new 4K Laser TV under the L5 series line-up. Hisense had recently invited us to check out the new display system at their showroom and here are our thoughts about the new laser TV.

The new Hisense L5 100-inch 4K Laser TV is perfect for those who would like to view their favorite sports matches or movie flicks on a big screen placed on large homes or living rooms. When it comes to design, the Hisense L5 isn’t like other televisions with a flat-screen panel. Instead, the L5 is actually a 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV that is capable of delivering over 8 million pixels of visuals on a large ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen with images that are bright and sharp at 4K resolution.

The ALR screen ensures that the user will be able to view bright pictures in any sort of lighting situation. The L5 series Laser TV is also capable of HDR that further enhances the visuals with a solid range of colors and contrast for vibrant pictures and rich details. The display also features Pure Color, an enhanced spectrum of color ranges for producing true-to-life scenes. The precision of the laser light source easily exceeds the Rec.709 standard UHD 4K color range.

While fast response times and motion rates are something TV manufacturers are trying to improve to match dedicated monitors, the L5 series laser TV features MEMC technology that can offer microsecond-level processor response time. Hisense claims that the motion rate on the L5 laser TV is 10 times faster than what an OLED display can offer. Having fast response times on the display suits those who want to watch fast sports matches, fast-action movie flicks, and high-framerate gaming.

Adding to the experience is the inclusion of the embedded 30W speakers with Dolby Atmos Audio for a cinematic experience. The L5 series Laser TV runs on the VIDAA, a real smart TV operating system that comes packed with the most popular entertainment apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video, along with over 200 global apps and 60 regional-based apps. Additionally, the device also has a built-in TV tuner that can receive and process broadcasting TV signals.

The L5 Laser TV features the X-Fusion Laser Light Source that technically uses a blue laser light source for sharp and accurate images and at the same time, avoiding unwanted light dispersion while offering a better and natural viewing experience. The DLP Theater Technology by Texas Instruments along with Hisense’s patented technologies is set to provide laser-focused image details and brightness that is usually seen in cinemas. The X-Fusion and its precise light source offer up to 25.000+ hours of lifespan.

Hisense has also ensured that users will be able to watch their favorite content while keeping their vision safe. Since the screen panel is actually projected, there are actually near-zero blue lights that tend to be harmful. This allows us to watch our favorite content for longer periods without worrying about any stress on our eyes. The L5 Laser TV comes with the TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification. The Laser TV is also made of eco-friendly materials and does not contain government-regulated materials such as cadmium, lead, beryllium, and mercury. And thanks to the usage of an ALR screen, the environmental impact as compared to normal televisions is lower.

The projector unit comes with four HDMI ports on its rear side, video/audio connectors, RJ45 connection, USB ports, VGA, and more. The Hisense L5 Laser TV can also be ordered with a supporting frame and cabinet as a special request in the UAE. The cabinet opens up when you turn on the device. The ALR screen also has its own covering as users will be able to choose a picture of the artwork to be implemented on the sheet.

For those who would love to have the biggest TV experience in their living rooms or would like to place a large screen on any hangout area, then the Hisense L5 series Laser TV is a good choice. The ALR screen ensures that you can comfortably watch your favorite TV content without any stress and that the same time, experience 4K resolution visuals with HDR and Dolby Atmos Audio. The VIDAA operating system is loaded with the best apps for videos. There are enough ports on the device to connect multiple products such as game consoles, laptops, and more. The Hisense L5 series Laser TV is priced at 20,000 AED for just the projector and ALR screen.

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