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OPPO Service Day now available from 10th to 12th of every month

OPPO gives smartphone users peace of mind with the availability of a wide range of region-specific service programmes under ‘Care & Reach’. Choosing the option that would best fit their needs, customers can avail special services at over 137 service outlets across the MEA region and authorised centres in over 59 countries/regions.

The only smartphone vendor owning an independent global service system with over 2,500 self-built customer service centres in 60 plus country markets, OPPO’s multi-point, connected after-sales network offers users in every part of the world an exemplary programme. OPPO’s easily accessible outlets in the MEA region provide professional experiences to customers and include 39 self-built OPPO Service Centres and widespread service points.

Tarek Zaki, Senior Product Manager at OPPO Middle East and Africa, said “When you unbox your new smartphone, you seldom think about what could go wrong in the future. However, at OPPO we understand that accidents can happen no matter how cautious you are – and wear and tear can often take a toll on your device. OPPO Service‘s comprehensive coverage and technical support are here to give you peace of mind and keep you connected. We will help you make the most of your smartphone for longer.”

Aiming to ease users’ troubles and meet their needs, OPPO upholds the “care you care, within your reach” motto, constantly upgrading its services. Upon consulting their local service centres, users can rest assured that OPPO Service Centres use only original spare parts, with total transparency; for example, prices are clearly displayed on the official website and at every centre. Within upgraded facilities, customers can enjoy Face-To-Face Repair, where they can choose to watch the engineer as they work on the device. For those who worry over the privacy of their data, OPPO strictly abides by the General Data Protection Regulation for the highest levels of protection.

For daily service care to ensure a smooth experience for OPPO users, authorised OPPO Service Centres offer free labour cost, complimentary software upgrades for an almost brand-new device with every visit, free protective film changes several times a year. OPPO has also taken the lead to launch International Warranty Service (IWS) for designated devices, while OPPO Care offers various warranty programme such as Screen Protection Plan and Extended Warranty to fit different needs.

Moreover, OPPO customers can attend the OPPO Service Day, which now takes place from the 10th to 12th of every month (weekends excluded) at the OPPO Service Centres for a free phone disinfecting service, extended service hours, an exclusive 10%~30% discount on maintenance and phone accessories and more.

Whether users are concerned over spare part prices, safety when repairing or any other device-related issues, OPPO offers one-stop solutions to fit all their needs. For customers who prefer self-service, the live chat/hotline option is available via the official website or over the phone. Users can set a layout for their desktop, adjust screen on/off gestures, and more; they can also visit the FAQs page or use the e-mail form for queries, suggestions and hot topics.

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