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Dubai-based entrepreneur launches sports fan engagement app

Dubai-based young entrepreneur Amit Singh has launched a sports fan engagement app for the sports enthusiasts of the UAE. The app titled ‘Boomer 11’ is a mobile-first, free to play app which offers features such as Daily Fantasy Sports, Quizzes, Engagement Wall, Match updates, real-time scorecard where users can be more involved in the sport, they love by participating in challenges, sharing, and discussing sporting moments that matter to them.

The daily fantasy sports feature lets users create a fantasy team based on real-life matches like IPL, Football leagues to score maximum points and win exciting prizes or Boomer coins. Boomer coins can be redeemed for prizes or branded merchandise on the App.

While people from the Middle East love their sports, Boomer 11 is one of the first apps locally developed in the UAE, that could garner a following from the ex-pats and the local community.

The Middle East possesses a great sports ecosystem where sports like Football, Cricket, and Basketball are followed by millions of people, and many sporting events like the Football world cup, Cricket T20 leagues, Cricket Abu Dhabi T10 league takes place in the region. Unlike the UK, US, India there are no sports fan engagement apps with a focus on Middle East audiences.

Dubai resident, Amit Singh an avid gamer, sports enthusiast, technophile, and fitness fanatic, along with his two other friends, co-founded the Sports Fan Engagement Platform Boomer11 aiming to fill the existing gap.

“It was a revelation to see that in a country like UAE which has more than 55 % of ex-pats population from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, that are cricket fanatics and here the local cricket fantasy app was non-existent. There are more than 88.6 million Football Enthusiasts in the region, making it by far the most popular sport in the UAE cutting across locals, GCC, westerners, and Asians. This posed itself as a great opportunity to be tapped with the Fan engagement App” says Amit Singh, Founder, Boomer 11.

Apart from the cofounding team, Boomer11 has assembled a small team of young sports and technology enthusiasts for content and technology in the UAE and India.

Unlike many International sports apps which either focus on sports news or sports betting or one sport, Boomer 11 intends to provide a highly interactive and skilled gamified experience for multiple sports adapted for the sports fan in the Middle East region all in one app.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the underlying trend towards greater digitization and innovation. With more than 400 live sports events taking place in the UAE, digital sports fan engagement is a great opportunity, and we want to be the pioneer in the segment. The way we are growing right now, and amount of time spent by users, and the frequency of usage we are seeing, the opportunity is just massive. With encouraging support from the UAE government for startups, we aspire to be one of the 20 unicorns UAE aims to have by 2031” says Amit.

Boomer11, which has largely operated in stealth mode until today and launched its web app six months ago. Boomer11 has now launched its new Android app and its iOS app is expected in the coming weeks. The app is available across all the countries in the region with football and cricket so far and plans to launch Basketball and eSports soon.

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