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AOC unveils Agon AG324UX gaming monitor in KSA

AOC has unveiled the Agon AG324UX in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new gaming monitor is specifically designed to run next-gen consoles at their maximum power output.

“AOC is excited to introduce the AG324UX PRO E-Sports Monitor in Saudi Arabia. With its endless array of features suited for professional gamers, we know that it will be an essential peripheral that could aid them in achieving the victory with each match,” said Hisham Tolba, Sales Manager-MEA at AOC, in a statement. “At AOC, we’re constantly finding ways to innovate with our current and upcoming products geared towards gamers, and that trend continues with the AG324UX PRO E-Sports Monitor.”

HD (4K) Resolution
With a 4K Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels – four times the resolution of a Full HD display – the monitor boasts a pixel density that delivers brilliantly sharp images with the finest details.

The USB-C connection provides transferring high-resolution video signals from a notebook to the monitor while simultaneously charging the notebook’s battery from the monitor. It features USB power delivery with support for up to 90W that can charge conventional low and high power devices.

Superb Colour Experience
Dive into infinite different video game realms with graphics looking more lifelike than ever. With a superb colour experience, our AOC monitors come with over 1 billion colours.

144HZ Refresh Rate
Say goodbye to image stuttering and blurry motion. With a 144Hz refresh rate, every frame is rendered sharply and in smooth succession, so you can line up your shots accurately and appreciate high-speed races in all their glory.

1MS Response Time (GTG)
A pixel response time of 1ms GTG means speed without the smear for an enhanced experience. Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be rendered smoothly without the ghosting.

IPS Panel
IPS panel ensures an excellent viewing experience. Colours look consistent no matter from which angle you look at the display.

Light FX
Maximum immersion: our AOC monitors come with special ambient lighting at the back of the device that illuminates your gaming setup in various colours. Choose whatever colour you like, sync it up with your other AOC devices and test the different glowing patterns.

Logo Projection
With the AGON LED Projection, you can now shine a light on your gaming achievements and give your gaming set-up a unique style, with two projectable icons and RGB adjustments.

Quick Switch
Changing your monitor settings while playing against others seemed like an impossible task if you wanted to win. Thanks to the AGON Quick Switch, you can save your preferred monitor settings and switch between them with one simple click and never miss a flawless victory.

Universal respected standard for display visual
VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 delivers a significant step-up from normal SDR displays. Unlike, other “HDR Compatible” Screens, true Display HDR 400 produces astonishing brightness, contrast and colors.

With global dimming and peak brightness up-to 400 nits, images come to life with notable highlights while featuring deeper, more nuanced blacks. It renders a fuller palette of rich new color, delivering a visual experience that engages your senses.

Height-adjustable stand & pivot function
Raise or lower the screen to suit any height and seating preferences. The easy-to-adjust stand allows for tilt, rotation and swivel ensuring hours of comfort. Thanks to its pivot function, your monitor can be rotated by 90° from landscape into portrait mode.

Speakers- DTS Sound 8Wx2
Built-in speakers make it easy to catch up with family, friends and colleagues. For movies, music, games and more, you’ll enjoy quality audio without the hassle of connecting external speakers.

Low Input Lag
Unleash your reflexes by switching to the AOC Low Input Lag mode. Forget graphical frills: this mode rewires the monitor favouring raw response time, giving the ultimate edge in hair-trigger standoffs.

Price and Availability
The AGON Pro Monitor AG324UX comes with a 3-year warranty and is prices at 4299 SAR.

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