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Rokid sells over 30,000 AR smart glasses

Rokid announced that it’s consumer AR smart glasses, the Rokid Air, became the first consumer augmented reality (AR) gadget reaching global sales numbers in excess of 30,000 units on August 18, 2022.

Launched in September 2021, Rokid Air is the world’s first AR glasses, that weigh only 83 grams. The Rokid Air’s compact, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing design, as well as its foldable body, makes it easy to carry it around. The 43-degree FoV and dual HD directional speaker provide consumers the best-in-class movie and gaming experience.

Rokid, a product platform company founded in 2014, focuses on human-computer interaction technology. Currently, Rokid is working on the research and development of hardware and software products such as AR glasses and the YodaOS-XR ecological project. Through the research of speech recognition, natural language processing, optical display, semiconductor platform, and hardware design, Rokid has developed a range of augmented reality (AR) glasses for customers such as the Rokid Air consumer AR glasses that were released in 2021. To date, the company’s products have been sold and used in over 70 countries and regions worldwide.

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