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Samsung launches Bespoke range of microwaves

Samsung has expanded its Bespoke range to include microwaves, allowing customers to customize their kitchens to match their taste and kitchen interiors. The new microwave range complements the Bespoke refrigerator range and the Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, giving the chance to consumers to take their interior design skills and self-expression  to new heights.  

The Bespoke microwave combines sleek design, elegant colour options and innovative cooking functions, bringing an intuitive and stylish approach to cooking.

Users can customize the microwave’s front panels to match their kitchen décor, with 3 colours to choose from: Clean Pink, Pure White, and Black. To complete the sleek minimalist aesthetic, the control panel sits behind a full glass touch surface, topped by a simple user interface (White LED surface) that users can intuitively control with a light touch of the finger. 

Burcin Arabul, Director of Home Appliances Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said “The Bespoke range has been a major hit with our customers in its short history, as it caters to users’ inherent need for personalised experiences. Now, the new Bespoke microwave allows them to customize even more spaces in their home. The tasteful look of the microwave allows our customers to add a flair of style to their kitchen without compromising on performance.”  

Samsung’s unique Triple Distribution System (TDS) improves microwaves’ distribution in the cavity, providing a far better cooking performance. Microwaves are distributed in three directions instead of one by the three antennas on the sides. Microwaves penetrate food in multiple directions resulting in better and more even cooking.

The Ceramic Enamel interior prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring a more hygienic environment for cooking. German’s Hohenstein Institute validated the interior with a 99.9% anti-bacterial ranking. The Ceramic Enamel’s hard-wearing and durable qualities make it seven times more scratch-and rust-resistant than other microwave interiors and easy to clean. 

Samsung’s latest Bespoke home appliances take the smart kitchen to the next level by powering more personalized food-making experiences while making it easier for households to save energy.

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