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Sennheiser launches Soundbar Mini in Middle East

Sennheiser announced the launch of the AMBEO Soundbar Mini in the Middle East. The new device is backed by a sleek design and unparalleled sound quality, is set to redefine home entertainment, offering consumers an immersive cinema and audiophile-grade sound experience within the comfort of their homes.

The AMBEO Soundbar Mini is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering immersive, top-tier audio experiences. It features AMBEO virtualization technology, which delivers 3D audio and up to 7.1.4 sound virtualization.

With advanced self-calibration and four built-in microphones, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini can adapt to its surroundings and tailor the sound to each unique environment. This means every note, every dialogue, every sound effect is delivered with crystal-clear precision, enhancing the overall auditory experience. Powering this beast is a pair of 250W class D amplifiers, driving the sound with a force that defies the Soundbar’s compact size. And when it comes to bass, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini doesn’t just deliver; it impresses. Equipped with two 4″ woofers, it can reproduce deep bass down to 43Hz, aptly named “Deep Bass”, adding a dramatic depth to your favourite tracks and movies.

Heston Saldanha, the General Manager of the Sennheiser brand’s consumer business in the UAE, says, “Our goal with the AMBEO Soundbar Mini was to create a product that offers an unmatched sound experience without compromising on design or convenience. Every detail, from the immersive AMBEO virtualization technology to the easy setup and stable connectivity, has been meticulously designed to bring the cinematic experience into our customers’ homes. The Middle East market is discerning and appreciates high-quality products, making it the perfect fit for the AMBEO Soundbar Mini.”

In addition to its acoustic prowess, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini supports major streaming services and offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Its non-intrusive minimalistic design and state-of-the-art build quality make it a stylish addition to any home. For those who crave even more power, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini offers the option to add up to four additional AMBEO Subs, further enhancing the depth and impact of the bass. This flexibility ensures that users can customize their audio setup to match their preferences, delivering a personalized audio experience like no other.

Retailing at AED 3299, the AMBEO Soundbar Mini is set to deliver world-class sound experiences to homes across the Middle East. Measuring 700 x 100 x 65 mm, it offers an immersive audio solution without taking up excessive space.

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