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Rheem launches hybrid electric water heater

Rheem Middle East, a global leader in manufacturing innovative and energy-efficient HVAC and water-heating solutions, has introduced its latest product to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market.

The Rheem Odin Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater has been designed with optimal energy efficiency in mind. This innovative product utilizes heat from the surrounding ambient air to heat the domestic water, allowing property developers and homeowners to reduce their energy usage and make significant short and long-term cost savings.

Per its ‘360+1’ philosophy, Rheem is committed to developing tailored products that meet the needs of each unique market. This is why it has launched its Odin Heat Pump Water Heaters, which operate at 50Hz, for the MEA market.

This latest innovation consumes 75% less energy than industry-standard electric water heaters, making it 4x more efficient than the average electric water heater available in the market today. This not only reduces the environmental impact of water heating, but also running costs. The system’s noteworthy 4.07 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) for the 80 gallon unit is a testament to its efficiency, contributing to significant overall energy savings for customers.

It also comes equipped with Rheem’s EcoNet Smart Monitoring System, enabling users to control, monitor and schedule their water heater from anywhere, at any time, via the EcoNet Mobile App. Users can also access on-demand weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage reports via the app, to better manage energy consumption and associated costs.

In addition to energy and cost efficiency, the Odin range is designed to be much easier to install and maintain than a standard water heater. ProTerra owners also benefit from the added advantage of being notified of any alarm codes that appear on the controller of the water heater, enabling them to take immediate action if required.

A standout protective feature of Odin is its exclusive Leakguard leak detection and prevention technology. The built-in auto-water shut-off valve ensures that, in the rare occurrence of a leak, no more than 20 oz. of water will be lost, effectively safeguarding users’ homes from potential water damage.

The Odin® range also benefits from the highest standards of durability and quality, which ensure the highest levels of performance. It incorporates an exclusive Rheemglaslining, which is engineered to resist corrosion and prolong tank life.

Brian Hempenstall, Vice President and General Manager at Rheem Middle East commented: “With initiatives such as the UAE’s Green Agenda – 2030 firmly in focus, we are witnessing truly innovative and transformative development projects throughout the MEA region, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

We are proud to introduce the Odin Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater to the region. Beyond its cost savings and operational efficiencies, the system’s highly efficient capabilities align with the global vision for a cleaner, greener future for all.”

For more information, visit: https://www.rheem-mea.com/

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