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QNAP launches TS-216G 2-bay NAS

QNAP Systems launches the TS-216G NAS, a high-performing and substantial 2-bay NAS designed for individuals, families, and workgroups. The ARM quad-core processor with a 2.5GbE port, 4 GB RAM, and NPU (Neural network Processing Unit) takes 2-bay NAS performance to the next level.

Not only can it streamline backup from multiple devices and improve overall data security, but it also creates a comprehensive file management centre for home or work users—making the TS-216G one of the most cost-effective and high-efficiency 2-bay NAS on the market.

The built-in NPU, designed for AI applications, can remarkably accelerate image recognition for the AI-powered QuMagie smart photo management, especially when users import hundreds or thousands of photos at a time. It also reduces CPU workloads, resulting in higher computing performance and lower power consumption for the TS-216G.

“The TS-216G is an economical and smart storage solution, allowing users to easily use it for central management of all kinds of files from various devices and for convenient file sharing/sync with others to improve collaboration,” said Jerry Deng, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “What’s even better, by coming with 4 GB RAM, 2.5GbE, and various applications, the TS-216G can run media streaming and surveillance systems more smoothly, making it a reliable and secure private cloud for individuals, families, and small offices.”

In addition to excellent hardware design, the TS-216G runs the QTS 5.1 NAS operating system that includes a built-in App Center with feature-rich applications: File Station streamlines NAS file access, sharing, and management through a web browser; Hybrid Backup Sync backs up NAS files to the cloud or another NAS to fulfil 3-2-1 backup strategies; Qsync enables efficient synchronization across multiple users and devices. The TS-216G also provides multimedia-oriented features and mobile apps, such as QuMagie and Music Station, allowing users to not only browse and manage all photos, videos, and music files in the NAS from anywhere on any device but also easily free up storage capacity of their mobile phone.

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