Mark Zuckerberg Testifies in Court in the $2 Billion Oculus Rift Case

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Titanfall: Frontline Cancelled by Developer

Particle City’s CCG Titanfall: Frontline will be shut down after just four months in soft launch. The developer announced the gameR...[Read More]

Facebook Brings Mobile Games to Messenger

Facebook has launched the new “Instant Games” allowing users of the world’s biggest social network to play from its Messenger application or...[Read More]

Facebook Threatens Linkedin by Testing Out Job Opening Features

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Facebook Introduces Online Courses for Journalists

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Facebook to cut unpaid marketing posts on news feeds

Facebook’s executives are not terribly worried about upsetting people these days.

Facebook now lets you make news feed adjustments

Facebook just announced some changes to how users can control what they see in the News Feed.

Facebook rolls out Privacy Checkup

Checkups are important when it comes to physical health, but what about online safety and security?

Follow these steps to block app requests on Facebook

If you use Facebook, you know those annoying game requests. They come in every second, every minute of the day.

Facebook to buy drone maker to battle it out with Google’s blimp

Facebook is in talks to buy drone maker Titan Aerospace for $60 million, according to media reports. 

Mark Zuckerberg to keynote at Mobile World Congress

The GSMA has announced several new speakers in the keynote programme at the upcoming 2014 GSMA Mobile World Congress, including the Founder ...[Read More]