WhatsApp Goes Down Due to Server Issues

The social media is abuzz with news about WhatsApp being down. The service indeed has been down for more than 3 hours now.

No change in Facebook privacy policy when you’re gone

Facebook on Friday said it is changing the way it handles memorialized Facebook pages in response to requests from people who want to rememb...[Read More]

Facebook buys messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion

In the largest ever venture-capital acquisition, it was announced Wednesday that Facebook is to buy WhatsApp for a phenomenal $19 billion.

Facebook app aims for user-focused news feed

Mark Zuckerberg dreams of a day when Facebook’s computers would know you and your habits so well that it would deliver exactly the informati...[Read More]

Instagramers Gallery creates world’s biggest photo gallery online

The last few years have seen a revolution in social media, as sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and new competitors such as SnapChat,

Tech giants beef-up security to counter government spying

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are taking part in a technology race but it’s not pivoted against one another. 

Facebook says it will make all of its ads social

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