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Stalkscan: A Creepy Tool That Exposes Your Facebook Public Information in One Click

Here’s an online tool that will creep you out. Stalkscan is a new tool that will show you just how easy it is to find any public information on Facebook. The tool shows you just how much data Facebook has about you at its disposal and more importantly, just how little your privacy settings really matter.

According to the creator of the tool, Stalkscan doesn’t violate Facebook’s terms and conditions and all data available through it can be found via Graph Search, just not in such an easy way. Posts and pictures and so on that have the “only me” privacy setting will remain just so and can’t be seen by anyone else.

Created by Inti De Ceukelaire, an ethical hacker from Belgium, Stalkscan uses Graph Search to offer up loads of insight into people who may or may not be your friends on Facebook. If they’re your friends, when you search for photos, for instance, you’ll see all the pictures they’ve been tagged in, like you would if you accessed their profiles. If they’re not, you’re only going to see pictures they’ve been publicly tagged in, so at least there’s that.

What takes things to the creepy corner is that it’s not just pictures you can see, but also comments, events they’ve attended and events they plan to attend, posts, places they’ve checked in at, as well as people they may work with, classmates and family members.

Graph Search launched back in 2013, is a powerful search engine that allowed users to get data from multiple sources in an easier way. While the feature itself has been around for so long, it’s never been used with such ease. The great part, however, is that if you’ve been careful when setting your privacy levels, you shouldn’t be too worried about stalkers and what they could get.

If you’ve set your profile so only friends can see your posts, they’re the only ones that can see your activity put together. Similarly, Stalkscan will only be able to pull the comments and posts liked that were already public, for instance.

While Stalkscan doesn’t go around your privacy settings, it is chilling to see just how much information you can find on people you may or may not know. Graph Search has a lot of reach into your posts and Stalkscan simply takes advantage of that, putting it all in a clean interface.

As a reminder to everyone – please make sure your privacy settings are up to par and that nothing you post is under the wrong privacy level you want it to be.

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