TerraMaster releases new version of Centralized Backup

TerraMaster recently released the latest version of Centralized Backup, a professional disaster recovery tool developed specifically for bus...[Read More]

TerraMaster launches 3 new private cloud NAS devices

TerraMaster recently released new design NAS series F2-212, F4-212 and U4-212, which support TRAID, BTRFS file system, Snapshot and TFSS pro...[Read More]

TerraMaster new backup solutions provide better data protection

TerraMaster has unveiled its new Duple Backup and Centralized Backup solutions to address the challenge faced by businesses to ensure data i...[Read More]

TerraMaster announces new 4bay short depth rackmount NAS

TerraMaster has announced a new model of 4-bay U4-423 short depth rackmount NAS with dual 2.5GbE interfaces which provides a network bandwid...[Read More]

TerraMaster launches new 6-bay external hard disk enclosure with USB3.2 Gen2 protocol

TerraMaster announced the release of its new D6-320 6-bay external hard disk enclosure with USB3.2 Gen2 protocol, providing a 10Gbps data tr...[Read More]

TerraMaster unveils two new models of desktop NAS

TerraMaster recently released two models of T9-450 and T12-450 desktop NAS with high-speed dual SFP+ 10Gb ethernet interfaces, which are als...[Read More]

TerraMaster announces new enhanced TOS 5.1 Beta OS

TerraMaster announces the new TOS 5.1 Beta operating system with new features and improved performance including upgraded kernel, 4K hardwar...[Read More]

TerraMaster launches new high-speed NAS devices with 10GbE networking capabilities

TerraMaster today announced the launch of the T9-450 and T12-450 high-speed network storage server featuring high-speed 10 GbE networking ca...[Read More]

TerraMaster launches new cache acceleration tool

TerraMaster announces the launch of TerraMaster Hyper Cache – a storage cache acceleration tool developed in-house by the company. Compared ...[Read More]

TerraMaster launch 2 new NAS devices with TRAID

TerraMaster announced the launch of new 2-bay F2-223 NAS and 4-bay F4-223 NAS with TRAID. The new F2-223 and F4-223 also features upgraded s...[Read More]

TerraMaster launches new Terra Photos app

TerraMaster announces the new Terra Photos application – a new AI-assisted professional photo management application designed for content cr...[Read More]

TerraMaster new security policies enhance secure data access

TerraMaster presents the ten security policies added for TerraMaster NAS devices using TOS 5 to provide the most secure data access mechanis...[Read More]