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TerraMaster unveils TRAID+ for enhanced data protection

TerraMaster announces the TRAID+ elevating disk array management tool, the upgraded version of TRAID. With TOS 6, TerraMaster TRAID+ offers an elevated standard of data storage security with functions like automatic disk space aggregation, redundancy protection against hard drive failures, and seamless expansion.

Key Features of TRAID+

Redefining Redundancy
TRAID+ not only inherits TRAID’s outstanding features but also breaks new ground in redundancy protection. While traditional TRAID ensures failure redundancy for one hard drive,
TRAID+ doubles this safeguard to cover two drives, significantly bolstering data security. This enhancement positions TRAID+ as the premier choice for users prioritizing data integrity.
RAID 6 Operational Principles
TRAID+’s operational framework mirrors that of RAID 6. It partitions disk space into multiple storage units and utilizes RAID 6 characteristics to amalgamate them into a versatile array configuration.
This approach guarantees data reliability and exceptional storage efficiency. However, building a TRAID+ array mandates a minimum of four disks, and when migrating from TRAID to TRAID+,
the added disks must match or exceed the smallest disk in the original TRAID array’s capacity.

How to migrate from TRAID to TRAID+?
You can migrate from TRAID to TRAID+ by adding more hard drives.
Note: TRAID can only be migrated to TRAID+ when there are 3 or more hard drives present.
Procedure: Keep TNAS powered on, insert the new hard drive(s), navigate to Control Panel > Storage Management > Storage Pool > Edit, and select “Migrate.”
Ensure that the newly added hard drive(s) meet the requirements.

Meet Elevated Data Security Demands
Given TRAID+’s requirement for a minimum of four disks, with two dedicated to redundancy, users must accept a trade-off between storage space and enhanced data security. As such, TRAID+ caters more to
professional or commercial users with stringent data security needs and the financial means to support it. For these users, investing in TRAID+ promises significant returns in data protection and peace of mind.

Integration of F4-424 Pro and TRAID+ in TOS 6
The industry-leading 4bay NAS F4-424 Pro supports TRAID+ elevating disk array management tool and the latest TOS 6 operating system, providing higher-level data security protection. Due to the powerful hardware configuration and excellent performance with TOS 6, F4-424 Pro perfectly meets the stringent requirements of data storage, which makes this combination become the ideal choice of many professionals and business users.


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