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TerraMaster launches TerraSync backup solution

TerraMaster announced the release of TerraSync, a backup solution which runs on TNAS and works with TerraSync Client. With the TerrSync application, users can turn TNAS into a private cloud server to achieve file synchronization between multiple devices. 

TerraSync Key Features 

Three Synchronization Strategies
As a comprehensive application, TerraSync aims to help users manage the data stored on TNAS devices more efficiently and securely by providing a series of synchronization strategies. These strategies include two-way synchronization, one-way download and one-way upload to meet user needs in different scenarios.

Two-way Sync
Ensures that data between server and client is always consistent. Whether modifications are made to files on the server or client, these changes will be synchronized to the other end in real time, ensuring the real-time and accuracy of the data. 

One-way Download
For scenarios where data only needs to be downloaded from the server, users can choose a one-way download strategy. This means that when files are changed on the server, those changes are automatically synced to the client, but any changes on the client will not affect the files on the server.

One way Upload
In contrast, a one-way upload policy allows users to synchronize file changes on the client to the server, but changes on the server are not synchronized to the client. This feature is especially useful for users who need to maintain the latest version of the same file on multiple devices.

On-demand Synchronization Mechanism
Greatly saves users’ storage space and synchronization time. With on-demand synchronization, users do not need to download all files to the local device. Only when the user needs to access a specific file, the file will be downloaded locally. This mechanism not only reduces the storage pressure on the local device, but also reduces the occupation of network bandwidth, thus shortening the time required for file synchronization.

Data Safety Guaranteed
It provides functions such as file version recording, file version recovery, and accidentally deleted file recovery to fully protect users’ file security. Whether data is lost due to accidental deletion or malicious attack, users can easily recover their important files with TerraSync.

Users can download TerraSync and TerraSync Client in APP center. TerraSync Windows has been built into the TNAS PC desktop application. TerraSync Mac, TerraSync iOS and Android clients will also be launched soon, which will enable wider device compatibility.


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