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New updated TerraMaster TOS 5 system offers improved user experience

TerraMaster announced the new updates for the TOS 5 system with a new User Interface (UI) design making it 300% more responsive compared to the previous version. The updated lighter and smoother TOS 5 with new UI offers easier and improved user experience.

The new TerraMaster TOS 5 system with redesigned UI will be available for global beta testing in March 2022.


New TOS 5 Features

300% Response Time Improvement
Aside from the redesigned UI, the updated TOS 5 system features a new caching technology that will speed up data transfer between server and database. This resulted in a significant improvement in response time by up to 300% compared to the previous version.

Lighter and Smoother
Using progressive JavaScript language, TOS 5 has a more lightweight framework. The updated TOS 5 also uses WASM to optimize the calculation method and execute the back-end complex calculations on the front-end. This allows the system to better support high concurrent users faster and smoother.

Intuitive and User-Friendly
The new UI design is now compact and intuitive making it easier to navigate and familiarize. The status bar has been optimized to provide information clearer. Pop-up windows and buttons are also redesigned and optimized and command buttons are placed in intuitive locations. All of these changes are designed to create a more user-friendly UI.

The visuals of the improved TOS 5 UI features a more coordinated page style, consistent font height, better menu navigation, and uses simple and elegant colors. Users can customize wallpaper and login pages to add a personal touch.

Improved Security
The new TerraMaster TOS 5 features two-factor authentication aside from passwords that double security to avoid errors. Errors and wrong inputs also prompt alerts to administrators to prevent more errors.

Improved Self-Help Feature
Self-help has been improved in the new TOS 5. The Help menu now contains a simplified introduction and guide to the TOS system. It also provides easy access to the online TerraMaster service center where users can find an assortment of self-help materials including installation and use manual, video guides, software downloads, the forum section, and more.

Learn more about the updated TerraMaster TOS 5 system with refreshed user interface at TerraMaster.

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