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TerraMaster launches new Terra Photos app

TerraMaster announces the new Terra Photos application – a new AI-assisted professional photo management application designed for content creators. A counterpart of Synology Photos application, Terra Photo provides backup options, sharing, and protection for photos and videos.

The application uses AI algorithms to provide smart functions such as facial recognition and geolocation and other objects in the photos. And, the key feature for the Terra Photos app are:

AI Face Recognition
Terra Photos has a built-in AI algorithm that automatically recognize and classify faces with an accuracy rate of up to 80%. It offers manual correction methods for any non-recognized faces, offering greater convenience during photo management.

Broader AI Applications
Terra Photos can also automatically identify pictures in dozens of categories, including pets, objects, landscapes, sports, vehicles, and flowers, based on its enhanced AI operations.

Geographical Classification
By integrating GPS location information for photos based on map resources, Terra Photos can automatically categorize photos by geographic location.

Advanced Privacy and Sharing Options
Terra Photos adopts a separate storage strategy for personal photos and shared photos. Storage options include using directories with different access rights, providing an excellent method of separating media for personal use and business use.

Flat UI Design
Terra Photos uses a flat user interface to display a user’s most commonly used categories in the first-level directory, which might include photos, albums, videos, people, pets, objects, locations, recently added, or favorites. This type of classification is more conducive to users finding target photos while browsing.

Flexible Management Strategies
Terra Photos’ flexible query filtering strategy can help filter out the photos you want based on identifying the name and time of the photo, using a combination of the year, month, and day in ascending and descending order.

Advanced Sharing Tools
Terra Photos provides users with sharing tools for creating photos or sharing albums. Users can also create sharing strategies based on sub-defining sharing titles, sharing links, effective times, access passwords, and download permissions.

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