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Hajjnet launches smartphone app for Hajj pilgrims

Dubai based start-up, Hajjnet, has launched the regions’ first smartphone app dedicated to supporting millions during the Hajj pilgrimage. With key features that can run without a live Internet connection, it offers today’s pilgrims the real-time, location and process based support required to allow them to be more focused on the spiritual aspects of Hajj, avoid possible pitfalls and make the experience more safe and personal.

The app provides guidance in every step and in real-time.  Features include prompting pilgrims to read or hear the appropriate prayers at the right time and place; counting the number of circuits made around the Kaaba; and full camera, map & Social Media integration. The mapping features of HajjSalam are extremely important to pilgrims with key locations beautifully plotted on the app’s map, which is equipped with full GPS functionality.


HajjSalam has a special feature that allows them to tag their tent in the app’s map to easily find that specific tent when returning to Mina, which is the largest temporary city in the world, and the site where millions of pilgrims stay for two of the five nights. Today’s pilgrims can now see where they are in relation to the key landmarks and routes and also know what’s around them and even find the nearest mosque or hospital on the app’s map.

Traditional trips to Hajj involved Pilgrims carrying pages of paper full of personal Duas or prayers for loved ones. One of the key features in HajjSalam allows them to create and manage a personal list, which is always accessible from the app’s toolbar making the process fluid and truly mobile.

A packing list helps them prepare for the journey and not forget essential items; while a digital journal helps them record and share personal moments and photos with loved ones. Instructional videos are also available on how and when to wear the Ihram towels– white garments that pilgrims must wear before performing their religious observances. The app also has a process overview that allows the pilgrim to know exactly where he or she is in the process.


“The Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are so extremely important to many of us not only in the Gulf Region but all over the world. There was a tremendous need for an app that could support pilgrims from the moment they set about preparing throughout every step of the pilgrimage.  There were so many places in the process that we found opportunities to use smartphone technology to assist in a really impactful way.  Our goal is to help Muslims focus on the spiritual aspects of Hajj by relieving some of the pressure of the process and logistical challenges that cause so many issues.” said Ali Dabaja, founder and CEO of Hajjnet.

Dabaja founded Hajjnet in January 2012, inspired by the many stories of the glory of the Hajj pilgrimage and its’ challenges.  The ex-banker seeks to make Islamic faith fulfilment and travel more informed and accessible. HajjSalam is available for a limited time as a free download on the iPhone, and soon on Android. It can be found at www.hajjnet.com/hajj

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