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Intex launches new 13.3-inch tablet called Triton

Aiming to tap current market demands and capitalize on the benefits of economic & technological growth, Intex introduces an Executive tablet, Triton 13.3-inch, which portrays rich features for a wonderful corporate usage and also to make your entertainment a great fun at an affordable price. Triton will offer advantages of an entertainment medium and professional Gadget together.

Triton’s vivid screen of 13.3-inches provides an exclusive cinematic experience with intensive resolution of 1289*800. Functioning on Android 4.1 Jelly bean, the Intex Triton tablet will give you a more user friendly experience with the latest applications to enjoy with. Connecting with friends and family across the world will get easier with your Intex Triton, it’s enabled with wifi connectivity and Bluetooth.

“The device not only features dozens of applications but also a commitment by Intex to provide value for money for their end customer,” said Intex in a statement.  “It is a great way to impress your family and friends with the extraordinary presentations displayed on the tablet anytime, anywhere.”

Triton tablet not only helps the individuals but also the organizations to improve efficiency with features like documentation and transactions.  Corporate world can make conferences more handy & interactive with the Intex Triton. Instead of using bulky device, professionals can use a light and stylish Intex Triton for presentations.

Triton can also be embedded in Café’s to attract youth for browsing and playing games. Financial and Educational Intuitions can be most benefited by keeping a track of the transactions in the organization and obtaining updated knowledge.  The Gravitational sensor allows the children to enhance their gaming experience. Capture your special moments now with the front and back camera on Triton which will be safely stored in the 8GB (Expandable up to 32GB) storage of the tablet.  Triton is an amazing tablet gives the customers the perfect next generation gift at an economical price.

Intex is currently available across at leading tech stores in UAE.

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