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Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch available now on pre-order

While Qualcomm’s first smartwatch, Toq, won’t hit the market until December 2, 2013, but starting today you can pre-order the wearable device for $349.99. The new smartwatch is slightly more expensive that Samsung’s Galaxy Gear ($300), but offers longer battery life and a few other features that the company claims make it the better choice.

Toq comes equipped with a Mirasol touchscreen that offers a full color display and promises to last five days on a single charge—compared to just 10 hours for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Qualcomm’s watch also includes a backlight, as does the Galaxy Gear, and a touchpad below the screen.

It runs on its own operating system and syncs with Android, though it may work with iOS as well in the future. The new wearable device offers the typical array of widgets, and is able to receive text messages and respond with a number of pre-set messages.


Considering that Samsung was unable to make a significant dent in the market with the Galaxy Gear, the Qualcomm Toq certainly has its work cut out for it, especially at a higher price point. Luckily, the chip-maker doesn’t expect to make a big profit off of Toq.

Instead, it hopes other companies will try out the device and decide to use Qualcomm’s Mirasol display in their own products. If it manages to sell a decent number of smartwatches at the same time, well that’s just a bonus.

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