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Red Bull Racers available on App Store and Google Play

New fodder for motorsports fans: Red Bull Racers, the new racing game from Red Bull Media House and Bongfish, is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Fans of the world-famous Carrera racetrack system can rejoice. In cooperation with the global market leader Carrera, Red Bull is bringing the legendary racetrack system to smartphones and tablets for the first time – with lots of extras in the three racing series Formula, Offroad, and Street.

Over 100 different events on 21 tracks provide a lot of variety in the nerve-wracking duels. Players start their careers in classic style with a kart and then set out to successfully complete races in each of the game modes Elimination, Rivals, Cup, and Endurance in order to unlock more challenging courses and vehicles.

And the fleet of Red Bull Racers has nothing to be ashamed of. The most famous car of 2013, the Infiniti Red Bull RB9 of four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, is sure to be there when it comes to finding the best racers on smartphone and tablet. Other champion cars from the world of motorsports, such as the Arden GP3 or the VW Polo R WRC, also appear alongside local stars like the Australian V8 Supercar or the Austrian KTM XBOW-R in their respective racing series.

But the fastest lap time and the trip to the winner’s circle depend on more than just the high horse-power engines of the racecars. The most important element in Red Bull Racers is the player’s finely honed instincts in the tricky chicanes, loops, banked curves, and jumps that have to be mastered on the various courses.

In addition, the Friends Rivals Races mode, where players can play against their friends via Facebook Connect and challenge them over and over again to beat their best time and take the cup in their group, provides new challenges again and again.

Key Features:

  • 3 race series: Formula, Offroad, and Street
  • 4 single-player game modes: Cup, Elimination, Rivals, Endurance
  • 3 difficulty levels: Beginner, Amateur, and Pro in every game mode
  • 1 multi-player mode: 27 Friends Rivals Races via Facebook Connect
  • 9 vehicles at the launch, more vehicles in upcoming updates
  • A total of 108 events on 21 courses
  • 51 different achievements
  • Global and local featured events
  • Global and Friends leaderboards
  • Music by the indie rock band AWOLNATION and G-Punk band New Beat Fund
  • Universal app

Red Bull Racers, developed by Bongfish and published by Red Bull Media House, is now available free with IAP on the App Store and Google Play. The “intelligent” link to Red Bull Racers game recognizes the particular device and will drive you to the right platform – App Store, Google Play or online to the Red Bull Racers microsite: http://win.gs/N3UZ6L   

Updates with more courses and new racecars are already in development and will continue to provide new fun over the course of the year.

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